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VECT - Lookat Me (Prod. Devize)
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
VECT 2005
August 07, 2020
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4:08 minutes
07. Lookat Me so many days I wanted to die & see what happens if there's another side I imagine it'll be the same but can't be sure cuz I'm living with visions but life's a blur my breathing is torture don't wanna be here anymore don't wanna try anymore I shouldn't of been born cuz nothing for me's clear confusion won't disappear I look at myself & slam my fist in the mirror things aren't changing nothing really does what it is is what it is it won't stop driving me nuts so many times I aimed my gun to my head but I got music to make & that kept me refrained I'm alone it hurts but that's the way it is I can hardly trust anyone with giving me shit life's a bad dream that I'm trying to awaken tryna make the right choices with no hesitation everything I attempt I end with failure hell yeah I'ma loser but 1 that tries but "why?" dreams constantly torture me when i rest my head I help so many plus I'm hardly respected or remembered I'd like to take you down when I fell I can tell you can't endure this hurt I have to breathe once you've lost this much you can maybe see how it feels to be me judged on dissed on ripped on my good side? IT'S gone! so many made what they see when they look at me but I'm to blame? so much hate from the sound of my name I got nothing but a voice that I wanna spread over every piece of land till it enters your head don't you touch me! & don't pretend like you know you don't know all the hurt that burned my soul (Chorus) lookat me look through the smoke & observe me close being comprehended's just like seeing a ghost how long will it last? I no longer ask trust is a disease that I'm ridding fast never been good at anything 'cept the mic without it in my life I can't accept this fight all I can depend on is music & myself I get so mad when people think I deny help you got it backwards got no factors it's help I don't get when I do it's not long enough to soak in people think I'm so complicating I don't have a clue how I explain it till my brain is blew out I been built on lies for years people dismissing & judging hating me for low reasons or nothing I just wanna make as many tracks that I can then die cuz there's nothing for me after that sick of being tossed from a job I ain't skilled at much except rockin' it hard I find no solace cuz I been lookin' so long why torture myself? I let go from holdin' on