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HipHop - Positive Vibes
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Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
August 06, 2020
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VICTORY'S AROUND THE CORNER Girl I got you on my mind You bouncin' to the music Right on time Don't you let them mess your mind 'Cause they'll sure try I'm here to warn ya Don't let them slow you down You better better rise up to the sound Take a deep breath Ease it out 'Cause Victory's Around The Corner Yeah I know how it feels But don't you let them cook your goose 'Cause you're the one who is real Busybody hypocrites Girl don't you let it get up next to you Paper dolls and paper minds The paper rapers working overtime Island in a sea of blue I float down in my parachute All I got is all you need The right word of precision Up to speed They can't break a focused heart 'Cause Victory's Around The Corner You know just what I mean And even though you may be tired Baby, listen to me You are true blue beautiful Don't let their words make you forget You're free Tell it like it is And sometimes They won't hear a word of it They can't stand the truth And they piss pants freaky dance When you show 'em proof You will overcome in time Don't let them in your mind You're the owner of you Take a look And you'll find out These roller bowlers keep on talkin' 'bout Things that they will never know They on the TV every mornin' Don't you worry, we'll get there Just comb their breath Right outa your hair Pack yourself a real good lunch 'Cause Victory's Around The Corner I know you will prevail See right through them till they're gone Hear the call of the Whale... Hey! Shake up, wake up, just in time And you'll do fine Girl Just believe in you Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
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