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Up All Night
I know it was the drugs and it's not okay...
HipHop - Old School
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
July 29, 2020
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BRIDGE Its a struggle to get involved Its a stuggle to evolve This lonesome road that ive choosen Got me feeling kind of odd Never thought id make it, I choose the forsaken route Now im steady baken, Just hoping to keep the demons out But it doesnt work, yo it still hurts Was it really worth it all this pain and this hurt My familys looking at me like i dont know nothing If they only knew that maybe they would stop frontin Gonna keep it bumpin, got the whole entire rez jumpin This native gonna be something, oh yes gonna be something What they gonna do when i come out thumpin? Look even closer and the whole world love em' HOOK Up all night with the demons im free Pass me around like a doobie and see Watch as my vitals slowly drift away You know the drugs did this and it is not okay! Im really lucky, god must love me I seen the angel of death it stared at me You come with a purpose, yo this life aint free Look into my eyes when your talking to me VERSE Its been a struggle to survive issh, if i keep on going i know i could survive this. My nose will keep on healin from the things i denie it, my brain will be happy that i no longer fry it It took me to the starship all the way to mars yeah, got me some chocolate bars, coating chocolate on my bars Its been a long road that i hope to never attend to, its a long life in a short while something i wouldnt recomend dude My mind was turning ghetto, no way to let go, who knew all it would take is some pesto When i was a little boy i gotten molesto, she said pull them down as far as they would go oh no bro Now my minds mest up, on pint it was dressed up, like you could get with any of these ladies yeah I know it wasnt right, it was a steady fricken fight, it kept me up all night, i knew it wasnt light It came from the darkness in the depths of the shadows, there was someone there cause the air in here is shallow My broes tried to warn me, but i was too horny, All i kept thinkin bout was joining in like a porny These other rappers corny, their music it aint for me I will make another diss song before im 40 They ran out the house while i stayed on the couch They sounded really freaked like they wanted to get out