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Lost My Motivation-ex-c-320
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Blues - Blues General
Previous peak charts position #30
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(c) 2020
July 28, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
3:40 minutes
Lost My Motivation (c) 2020 Ken J Hill ============================= Verse 1 ============================= I lost my motivation It's turned into frustration it's just procrastination that's bringing me down today ============================= Where's my inspiration can't take this aggravation causing mental constipation that makes me feel this way ============================= Chorus ============================= Just want anticipation imagination and innovation just need determination to get me on my way ============================= Don't want no expectations obligations or regulations maybe need a celebration to get me on my way ============================= Verse 2 ============================= I need determination to get some education and start a conversation that'll get me on my way ============================= where's my medication watch out for degradation gotta find my destination before it's gone away =============================