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The Owl
RULE #7 Go on the journey with a friend or small group.
HipHop - Nerdcore
Charts #9 in subgenre today (peak #1)
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
July 20, 2020
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3:02 minutes
Oh no (x4) Where the owl go next? VERSE Where the owl gonna go next? With this flow, got them girls straight perplexed Where the owl gon off too? Its a trap they came to stalk you Went and got the app cause i fell for a craze The game is just it, i could play it for days Tells u where to go like a mousey in the maze aint no cheese tho, im really just sayin' Yeah, got me bouncin' up and down on the road I have no better place to go, it says not to use it alone so i use the app alone, lets see where it goes Now im gettin' followed straight down the road, So i look right back to see where they go I look even closer and what do you know Its a dark car with tinted windows Oh no, what do I do, Called up my sister for a small favour in valleyview, like: could you listen to me for a little bit and make it look true VERSE 2 The owl is coming to ur town turn ur head around mayne I went up to the spot and i did take a look around me What is going on with this freaky deaky pshco villan Im sitting at this here marked spot i could be a victim Shouldna came alone shoulda came with a crew Where do i go, what do i do Im not longer alone i got that part through Momma didnt raise me to play like a fool Change it to temporal to make my own rules Temporary life with some temporary jules Oh oh no! theres that car again man come on lets go