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Lo-fi dreamy and ethereal chillwave track with a lush, 80s feel. Featuring vintage synths, electric guitar, 80s drum machines - with subtle and hypnotic electronica undertones, subliminal vocals, and analog tape processing for that extra warmth.
Lease - $29
Instrumentals - Smooth
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MATTEO CURCIO (SIAE IPI/CAE 198794000: 100%)
MATTEO CURCIO (SIAE IPI/CAE 198794000: 100%)
July 18, 2020
MP3 9.8 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 64.6 MB
4:16 minutes
Story behind the song
she sat beside me stroking my cheek, i felt all the blood rush to the surface, like a million butterflies piercing my skin, she pressed her lips against mine gently, i felt hypnotised into some sort of nightmare, but if this is a nightmare, i wonder what a dream is like, there are no such thing as goodbyes now.
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