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Survivor Of A World Gone Insane
Metal - Doom Metal
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July 13, 2020
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Survivor Of A World Gone Insane You burn me up You break down You hold me under To watch me drown You keep me in Wont let me out You tell me lies And feed me doubt It doesn't matter what you say A thousand men Couldnt keep me away Cause I'm a survivor Of a world gone insane Lock me away You can try The games you play With my mind You seek to blame Run from the truth Its all the same Its never you A man on fire That's who Ill be A dark desire Alone and free I dont need you to guide me To control I what I believe, you Nazi Because loving war is for the lunatics I speak with love, the enemy is the ist Disguised Brutalized Hypnotized Dehumanized Fuck you You're worthless Down with the Process You don't know hell Like I know hell Internal screaming Nightmares feeding