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Shoot em in the leg, Joe
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Tom Neilson
Tom Neilson 2020
July 11, 2020
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Story behind the song
When Joe Biden was asked about police reform, he responded that police could shoot someone in the leg instead of killing them.
Shoot em in the leg, Joe. Be tough on crime That bill you wrote in 94, for a nickle or a dime To send em behind prison bars So they can work those corporate bazaars Shoot em in the leg Joe and they can sew clothes For Fruit of the Loom and Eddie Bauer And JC Penny for pennies an hour Target, KMart and Unicor; McDonalds and Macys Dep. Store And Victorias Secret, Aint that hot If lingerie is what you got Shoot em in the leg Joe, they dont need to walk For Verizon and Sprint, they just need to talk Like at AT&T, Avis Rent A Car; And that Honda Motor car Shoot em in the thigh, Joe, shoot em in the arm; They can still work for Pfizer, Cargill, State Farm Exxon Mobile, BP and Shell; pumping gas from inside their cell. Yeh, shoot em in the leg Joe, not in the back or head; When you take aim you gotta think ahead Cause how they gonna work for you In prison if theyre dead. Koch & Fidelity promote legislation; Sara Lee, BAC for implementation And not a word about pigmentation But ask United and Boeing about incarceration. For American Express & UPS, shoot em in the toe For Starbucks, Walmart, Revlon, Nintendo------ Catterpillar, IBM, Texas Instruments, Microsoft oh So many choices for prison dough. 3 strikes youre out says Joe Biden; NAFTA, plastic, union buster inside him; Prisons doin the country a favor; Makin it cheaper with prison labor Yeh, shoot em in the leg, Joe.