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Love Freestyle (George's Bars)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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July 06, 2020
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Crazy in love, but sane with the pain It cant be defined, and I wont say her name Back when there was no one there was you in my future Then I sipped some betrayal and now my hearts in a cooler Its a fools goal thinkin that love will always be decent Fightin for what you love by fightin the one you love It was always too much and also never enough Balance is what was needed the lines that we pull and tug weight on my shoulder and yet I still cant come over Just to get a peice of mine so Ill have a peace of mind No, youre on your own from here on out used your tongue as you should but you didnt watch your mouth These words I express is just the truth with no filter Im not sayin its pure but you kno that its raw Communication is key as the window closes on me But Id sneak in through the back and this time I will never leave