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4 AM Freestyle (George's Bars)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #466
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #135
July 05, 2020
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Oh thats just roger...he does what he wanna He spit some of that hot shit then go and chill in the sauna Bad...Habits...die harder and graphic Yea I was on the road runnin, runnin into some traffic Never sold drugs or nothin, just a fan of the hustlin Hard times make harder people, A gift you get from strugglin Id rather not, why cant I chill all day being lazy Cause you have one life to live, and the devil's way too cheap to pay me Vacate to my trials, Findin pleasure in my errors Its not a set back, its a lost treasure With these obsticles, I broke em down and made em optimal Now they workin in my favour, negativity became profitable This a new flex, you see? it all worked out Just gatta overdo it, I bring more heat in a drought Better plan ahead but be able to turn on a dime Cuz nothing goes as plan but everything changes all the time