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Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Owen Hovenden & Andrea Brennan
July 04, 2020
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Not so long ago She's only forty you know Had the world right at her feet A man on each arm Unattached had it's charms Beautiful and carefree Just smile like the world is your oyster Raise a glass to the glory days Smile just like you are still that shooting star Now the piper demands to be paid Years like dominoes Fell like men she used to know Tumbling one after another Down at O'Keeffes She keeps a seat where she drinks Searching for a new lover And she smiles, like the life of the party Tells stories and drinks a little wine Until the curtain falls dark is descending Done pretending, she drinks herself blind The truth is a bitter pill to swallow Accepting what time has erased It's easier to drink away the pain Than let go of yesterdays A little Chardonnay Keeps the loneliness at bay A little comfort to ease the pain Clutching a photo From a time she used to know A frozen smile is all that remains