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HipHop - New School
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Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
July 04, 2020
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Story behind the song
I included the lyrics. You're welcome.
THE UNWANTED ZONE I'm not the Nigger gonna Chew that bone Spent most of my life In The Unwanted Zone Not like your homies from far away We all here till The Judgement Day Hey Hey Hey We right here in The Unwanted Zone Heard me say? Hey Hey Hey I don't trust no one So I stays alone Watch out Oh my my Aye yi yi Hear them say... Who's the Nigger up in the sky? So I was strolling with abandon Down Echo Canyon I don't hear Steve Bannon Tellin' me where I'm landin' He's another disgrace They all over the place Some they fit in just fine But some they look out of place And that's me I'm afraid Ever since the First Grade The Teachers said FAILURE But they the ones who wanna JAIL YA So buckle my belt And tie my shoes If you ain't walked in 'em You can't sing my blues Don't try to get me on the phone 'Cause I turned it off And I'm a long way from home Tonya Romanoff Whoa Ten thousand years in The Unwanted Zone Oh Oh Oh Don't you know? Nobody loves me I got shit to show So now I'm gonna try and put it all In a map So that you clueless motherfuckers Can enjoy your nap And have it all spelled out For when you finally wake up Then jump out on your front lawns All loaded up So who's right, who's wrong Who's ding, who's dong Who's playing the board Who's singing along Who's white, who's black Who's about to attack Who's telling the cops To make us all drop So it's down the mountain Down to Echo Canyon We all dancing crazy With wild abandon Think I'm gonna eat me Some breakfast here And try to forget The one I thought was dear Hey Hey Hey Heard you say You never liked me I can go away What'd I say Yesterday Unwanted Zone said they all that way Breakdown Freaktown Can't touch this 'Cause it will touch you back No sound And I'm so down But still around They all know me in Nigger Town Whoo hooo hooo We all here in The Unwanted Zone Watch us go Oh Oh Oh From Ninety Above To Twenty Below Ooh Ooh Ooh Whoa And that's the end of my song, Niggers Oh... I got me two minutes left on this... Guess I'll have to improvise... Yeah, this is me improvising, You don't like it? Go ahead and rap on it then... I'ma have to make my own sandwich from now on Ask this guy to put some onion on it No, that's too much, huh It's all the same in The Unwanted Zone Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
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