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Cynical (Prod. PsYcHoSmOkEr)
Self Produced
Single - $0.99
Metal - Rap-Metal
Previous peak charts position #22
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Heath B Bryant
June 30, 2020
MP3 7.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
3:03 minutes
======= Lyrics ======== take it you love it you pull it you puff it you dump in a bucket you might as well suck it think i will slug it you way past the budget i'm passing the judgment i think you are grudging all over nothing the bug i am crushing the blood as its rushing it's also just gushing bitches are blushing they better be hushing i know that you're using and also abusing piss out your pooper your mom is a cougar shes touching her cooter i think it's a blooper this is the future you riding a uber i teach you like tutor you stink like a sewer fake it to make it they paying to play it they shake it and shape it and take it and break it what is your angle i think i will strangle it's starting to tangle i'm watching it dangle ========================================= watch as i whip it you bitches will get it you paying the ticket i think i will rip it you quiet like crickets i'm leaving a snippet i'm watching you fidget i'll pay you a visit this is official you're starting to fizzle you shrink and you shrivel it's more than a little you are a imbecile i am so cynical changing the visual you are just pitiful you are just typical nothing original making it digital needing a miracle made in america bitch is a character better just register sending the messenger starting a fire your life is so dire and what you desire there is nothing acquired trying to fight it the bitches will bite it and then we'll divide it they'll try to deny it --------------------------------- it's over a loner i'm sober leave me alone it's over not sober a loner just let me be it's over a loner i'm sober leave me alone it's over not sober a loner just let me be ============================ ====================== ================= ============ ======= ==== == P.M.
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