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A SciFi Rock song - The Earth is invaded one night, and this poor guy is the last one the aliens catch.
Rock - Hard Rock
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Philbo King
(c) 2020 Philbo King Music ISRC: QM2DP2000004
June 24, 2020
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Story behind the song
A rock song about the night aliens come from the sky and the last survivor, who tries to hang on to his free will.
When I saw them coming from the sky I ran to hide A hundred rings of fire that lit up the night When the dawn came there was no one left to fight I'm afraid I'm the only one who was left inside The winds blow the freezing rain Lord only knows I won't go there again The stench of death in cities that remain Hunger drives me to try once again Alien thoughts come creeping through my dreams at night Visions of worlds never seen by human eye Minds so strange and strong I can't last if I fight Sleep enfolds me, I surrender to the night In my brain, alive beside me Together now, we're tied inside Silent watchers, they don't care My soul is mine but the rest is theirs