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Old Man Blues
Have you seen the news? You got nothing to choose. Sitting around, walking the dog, looking at your cellphone. It's all over now. You can't get it up. You can't get down. Everybody's wearing a frown ... You've got the old man blues. /r. Jun-23-2020-1
Blues - Acoustic Blues
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June 24, 2020
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Old man Young man You're sitting around these days All man What happen' to man' Old man blues Young man lose Have you seen the news' You got nothing to choose Old man you got nothing to lose I got the old man blues Old man blues Sitting around Walking the dog Looking at the cellphone Old man got nothing to lose Unless he choose Old man blues Old man your time is over It's all over now You got old man You got the old man blues You can't get it up You can't get down Everybody's wearing a frown Looking at the old man blues Nothing to lose Except the old man blues - w & m: Ron Freeman (2020)