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A Gangsta Now
Oh you went to jail, so what your a gangsta now?
HipHop - New School
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions 2020
June 15, 2020
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Oh you wen to jail? So yous a gangsta now huh? Oh you posted bail? So yous a gangsta now huh? Sellin to them kids? So yous a gangsta now huh? You do whatever for the buiss? So yous a gangsta now huh? When I was growing up, gangstas didnt role play They only lived life true, they made it their own way When i was growing up, gangstas didnt lay wit hoes They only messed with women who had goals and made bankrolls Natives got it backwards, I dont listen to these kids I cant relate to drugged up rappers it aint good for buisness Im going far with these tracks bro, your entire druggie squad better relax yo. My natives kickin facts tho, yall just some acts' tho I came to rip the flow into two pieces im mr rip a flow, They wantin more, some brand new music , its the kind of style the've never seen before! Im bout to explore new dimensions of living, lets go fast like we in mexico I aint a joke, i aint a joke, I was that kid stealin from them stores I aint a joke, I aint a joke, I seen things you never seen before My family has issues but i know in the end we'll be okay, It sucks that life is like this, I know it doesnt have to be this way Im here to stay, its gonna be okay, we'll make up for it one day And I dont wanna fade away I know im here for a reason and its not too late I was all around it, all the drugs and drinking mane Now that I am older, hell I wish i would knew some thangs It would changed me mane, to know things i know back again But now i change them lanes, oh man my name is layne jaine mayne im something like the undertaker i came to bring the pain mayne I got many brothers who arent really mine, call them natives kane mayne Steady flowin' off the chain again, but i never had a chain mayne Yeah these rappers going hard but they all still sound the same mayne This a toast to most realest neechis from the west of lesser coast Not a boast, who they love the most, who he gonna roast? bigger than texas toast What they trinah post on facebook, man they need to face and look at reality yo It was really deadly we was sittin in a circle sharing stories, yeah we was all really equal in the end no pretend now, i wanna be everyone's friend how that sound, lets get real with each other as we go round