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June 14, 2020
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Broken windows, empty shops. Broken hearts, seems like it never stops. No food can get in, no one can get out. Broken lives after the end of all the shouts. [IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE CHAOS, REVOLUTIONARIES CLAIM A GAIN. BUT IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE CHAOS, THE POOR MAN FEELS THE PAIN.] They Come into our neighborhoods, Tearing our world down. They say they want to make a change, but they just destroy the town. Black masks on all their faces, no responsibility. White skin in unfamiliar places, bringing anarchy. [IN THE AFTERMATH...] They use the poor for political gain. Then they return to their mansions & condos in vain. They have no idea how we live, they pretend to love the workingman. But all they know is a caricature of worn shoes & dirty hands.