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The wind-converted(1)
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Alternative - Experimental
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June 13, 2020
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For 28 days and 27 nights you track the man from Algiers Trail and log like a bloodhound dog through the alleyways of tears (Chorus) And we're roaming the streets of Cairo Anomaly deep within Dreaming/dancing in the Sahara Dreaming/dancing in the wind In the wind You slink and you glide like th waitress inside At the restaurant tonight You hope and you pray make it all go away He makes that mistake tonight (Chorus) Liquid silver again like the wave of a hand In a game of cat and mouse He leads you away from the safe pathways To a rouge and decrepit house (Chorus) Making your play the boots follow the way Solidarity is at hand The package is small ignited in the hall At the hotel in the sand (Chorus) In the wind
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