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It's Over
Rock - Folk Rock
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Tom Tognaci
June 12, 2020
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ITS OVER Words & Music by Tom Tognaci Believe me when I say, I love you But I can see the future, too Some where theres got to be another Some other love other than you Im here to tell you that its over! The final knot has been untied And though youll think this will blow over Thats just so-you, tangled in pride With all there was, I tried, to tell you I couldnt fit a word edgewise Between the jibber and the jabber You couldnt hear my weary sighs Im here to tell you that its over! Over, now that its finally out You say, compared to ice, Im colder But thats the curse youre all about Im here to tell you that its over! At last, there came that final straw So cold , I turn to you this shoulder What more a picture can I draw?