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The Harder They Fall
A dark, heavy, yet melodic symphonic rock ballad
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Frederick Serafim
Frederick Serafim
June 10, 2020
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Story behind the song
The long list of sociopolitical abuses has been well documented, but there's little mention of the fact that the Trump family has a history of triggering 666 imagery. Jared not only owns 666 5th Avenue (his crown jewel property), but is currently building tower 1 at 1 Journal Square, the stated proposed height of which is to be 666 ft. tall. The stock market fell 666 points on the day Trump condemned the FBI, and the New York Trump Tower is always presented to be 202 meters tall (664 ft.), but some say that stat was rounded down to 202. The Republican religious right certainly is not going to highlight these facts, and the largely secular left wing press generally don't attach significance. However, you don't have to be a Christian to know that these are ominous omens. The actual Biblical reference is of a "Judeo-Christian" megalomaniac who leads the religious masses far astray. There have been many such Anti-Christs in history, nor will they likely be the last. I think ultimately, China is going to come out on top. It's just a matter of whether we handle it the hard way (Biden) or the extremely hard way (Trump). Though religious writings have their value, I like to think that such prophecies need not be taken in absolute fashion, lest they be turned into self-fulfilling predictions.
Villainous spawn of a demon seed Hypocrisy and greed Lies and hatred, a blackened soul Power its only goal It panders to men's worst desire And fuels self-righteous ire Then claims credit for the rising sun And condemns the honest ones The bigger they are The harder they fall For their castles are built on sand Racist bigots, antichrists Holding their bibles high 666 5th Avenue Explains the reason why Stifling the black man's cry Poisoning the earth and sky Weapons and money their only might They bring the darkest night The bigger they are The harder they fall For their empires are built on sand