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Unpopular Opinions
Single - $1.00
Album - $10.00
Lease - $25
World - Reggae
Previous peak charts position #82
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #17
June 09, 2020
MP3 18.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 79.3 MB
7:51 minutes
Are you being told how to think? Or can you think for yourself? It takes being bold now to think Outside of the boxes they've built in this post modern hell. Don't follow the herd of the cliff Just use your mind & save your soul Just thank G*d for his gifts, Don't dig yourself a bigger hole. [ All lives matter, And it's okay to be white. Unpopular opinions, But it's not the trend to be right ] Do you pursue real justice, or do you have an axe to grind? Do you really fight for what's right or are you just going with the times? Take a look in the mirror, are you being true to yourself? Or are you following fashion, trying to cry out for help? [All lives...] Are you really saving the world? Or are you forming the new lynch mob? Are you really helping the girls? Or are you teaching them to hate, lie & rob? Are you going to stop the next genocide or cause the next one to start? You say you're stopping the fascist but I can't tell you two apart...