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All falls down
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christoph langer
June 08, 2020
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Story behind the song
We guess for every German there's no doubt what this song is about. Just take a look at the cover artwork. The increasing racism worldwide is what we are concerned about. Unfortunately there are many people here who would like the darkest chapter in German history to refrain.
"Voices that have never silenced Now the choir will swell again Never thought that it could happen But it seems we make the same mistakes again Don't wanne see they're just liars Don't wanna see what is to come Don't wanna see the misery That came on us back 80 year ago All falls down the time is nigh All falls down a time to cry All falls down but we are rising Standing tall until we die We'll never sit and watch Never let them grow again We don't fear that shaved-head-scum Nor the police that is always on their side They want you to be a slave Even more than you are now They will set the land on fire When you burn down, noone care, you'll never learn"