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I'm Your Clown
Song uploaded for muse songwriters 1+1 June 20 comp
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #14
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Steve Ison
Steve Ison
June 06, 2020
1 version uploaded:
MP3 8.0 MB  •  320 kbps  •  3:29
Life for you gets brighter when i'm your clown Laughing at that joke again..I'm your clown I just smile when you're cruel to me I run around when you call...to make you happy As i jump through hoops for you , i'm your clown You tell me what i need to do..I'm your clown I don't fight when you knock me down You say it's done from the heart ,because you love me More booze baby ? For you, we party The cruel awakening as you find your inner bile like you do & let it come through There's still time to talk real again before you fall to the floor , what you think of me