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Rock - Christian Rock
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Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
May 30, 2020
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WITHOUT GOD I AM NOTHING Dream Like you know what to do Like you know why you came And maybe it's okay 'Cause you're part of it too Everyone has a name that stays And you may jump and may shout Until you figure it out I got out of bed just the same Writing down every phrase 'Cause I know Without God I am nothing I Dream Like a whispering fool In a whispering grave The talents that God gave I honed them for you To reveal what you crave all day And I, don't know what to say But the song, it speaks anyway I love you all more every day But the one thing I'll say Is I know Without God I am nothing It's a long time I've been away With no word of a mailing location And if you ask me where I've gone I'll say, just here But I came back just the same And still with the very same name For over and under the lies It is love that we feel...is real Turn Like a tickety tock Going 'round Big Ben's face The man just back from space Some of you thought me lost It was only to keep the pace And I discovered God's plan When she told me I am her man Yes you put the life in my heart And the light in my soul Now I know Without God I am nothing I fall plunk right there where I land He dropped me into this situation While everybody has a story His is clear No I won't build castles of sand I only follow his plan The one That got me out of bed To write this song here With clear tears So Dream Like a child of God 'Cause that's all our surname We're all His crying kids Trying to find out our name Trying to see why we came...today Once I...I figure it out I try...try to shut my big mouth I'm over and under each day Ain't it always the way But I know Without God I am nothing Copyright 2020 - JESUS OLDMAN
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