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Late Night Television (Sci Fi Mix #1)
This is actually a Big Sleep song. We recorded a 'demo' of this song before the UK 'shut-down'. I have been able to re-assemble all the recorded parts and add the missing bass guitar part.
Rock - Progressive Rock
Previous peak charts position #59
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #8
Webster / Briggs
Webster / Briggs
May 28, 2020
MP3 5.9 MB
192 kbps bitrate
4:12 minutes
Story behind the song
Before the 2020, Corona Virus 'lock down', in the UK, Tony and I recorded a rough 'demo' of a new Big Sleep song. I have re-assembled all the parts that we recorded on that day, into something that now resembles a finished song. Luckily, Tony's 'guide vocals', were of a good enough audio quality to use. Since that initial recording session, I have recorded the missing bass guitar part plus a few extra guitar riffs and runs. The song is called..'Teenage S F Mess' (Watching Late Night Television). I'm very pleased with how this has turned out under these difficult circumstances. So... actually a Big Sleep song that I'm putting on my Major Snagg page as well.
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