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Whatever 'These Days' Means These Days
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An upbeat fun song about how life is changing with regards to covid-19
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Nigel Quin
2020 Nigel Quin
May 28, 2020
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Story behind the song
I was out for a walk with someone and chatting about how life and behaviour had changed so drastically in the last few weeks and she said something like I dont think people are allowed to do that these days and I said Whatever these days means these days and so the seed was sewn, and a song was born.
I went to the shop, there was quite a long queue Wondered to myself what am I gonna do Then a guy walked past and saw the look on my face He said Thats how it is brother, these days Whatever these days means these days Whatever these days means these days Saw a man with a mask and angry point of view A woman with a buggy just trying to make it through People getting edgy cause they want their own space I guess thats how it is now, these days Now go and wash your hands And go and wash your heart Take a good look at the world Why not make a clean start? Clap for the nurses and people who clean Clap for the workers and clap for The Queen Keep trying hard, just sticking with the pace We all need a new way, these days Its no good me doing things by the book Lockdown haircut, my new look Heres to the future of the human race Even I got a new plan, these days