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Exodus (for Lekzee)
Theme from 1960 Movie Exodus on Piano.
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Acoustic - Cover Songs
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Ernest Gold 1960
Uploaded on Soundclick Covers 23/05/2020
May 23, 2020
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Story behind the song
A request from Soundclick friend, the very talented LEKZEE. My father in law, who has just celebrated his 92nd Birthday was actually a British Army Tank Regiment transport driver in Palestine in 1947-48 (yes, the regiment also known as The Desert Rats). Not a happy experience for him. He contracted malaria, found British Army life crude and brutal. Driving transport carriers with Tanks onboard, avoiding roadside landmines placed there by what were to become Israelis. Egyptians often found these mines and warned the British of where they were laid. Nice story the creation of the State of Israel, but for the British Army a very hazardous procedure. As a 17-18 year old my father in law found the Regiment (that had previously fought Rommel in North Africa) had lots of psychopathic killers who were unsuited to peacekeeping duties. All this aside it's quite a nice piece of Music I guess :)
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