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I Don't Want To See You Again (vocal version)
My Beat 'group arrangement' and recording of another 'lost' Beatles song. This is a song that was 'given' to Peter & Gordon to sing. I'm not sure if The Beatles ever recorded it, apart from in demo form.
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Lennon /Mc Cartney
Lennon /Mc Cartney
May 20, 2020
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2:52 minutes
Story behind the song
'I Don't Want To See You Again'...This is yet another great, but almost forgotten Lennon / Mc Cartney song that was given to someone else to record. In this case, it was Peter & Gordon. It was a hit for them in 1964... Not surprising given the quality of the song. In my opinion though, it really comes alive with a 'beat group' arrangement. I've no idea why The Beatles didn't keep it for themselves. I recorded this very quickly. I spent an evening trying out different drum beats, drum kits and tempos on my ancient but trusty Yamaha PSR-275 keyboard.I finally found one that works for this song. This bass part (played on my Rickenbacker 4003 bass) was especially fun to work on and play. Lots of nice melodic runs. On this recording I've gone back to an old favourite guitar...my Yamaha MSG Deluxe in favour of the Yamaha Pacifica 303 that I used on most of my other Beatles covers. The vocals were recorded on the 2 built-in condencer microphones on the Zoom R-24 recorder. All the recorded tracks were transferred to Adobe Audition (1.5) for mixing and mastering.
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