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Ultimate Escape Relaxing--- Peaceful---- (Ultimat
Relaxing--- Peace Earth,sea,sky, and beyond views w/piano/vocal/guitar-- Each of us will emerge, in our own way, from this storm. We are all on different ships experiencing a very different journey--Peace -- Love ---and Happiness , Cosmic Moxa
Jazz - Jazz Fusion
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Nancy Valois John Salonen
2020 all rights reserved
May 09, 2020
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sailing out on the ocean watching the sunset oh yeah longing for that moment when the sun disappears leaving all the starlight in the sky as we're drifting I can't count them there's too many I can't even hold them in my hand Drifting on this ocean of life we may be tossed and turned we may be moved around but we'll always come back around Colors of the morning they leave behind colors of a different kind when daylight is ended Ships on the ocean sailing with the full moon and the tides all the stars in the sky and all the colors are moved around just like before and the moon shines arise its just like I know but we're drifting we're drifting all the colors of the sea all the colors of the world for you and me all the stars up in the heavens I can't count them and I can not feel them in my hand when I'm drifting like ships on the sea on the ocean of life just the way we go tossed around I won't take you round but when cool calm seas no way to toss you and me but when calm seas no way to toss you and me tides out shore line will drift by colors of the waves Gods in his heaven and all is right below but the stars above if I sailed off the edge of the world would I see more than ever before yeah I don't know each star has a story each star that we see may be someone that you know as the tide turns it's all calm the tides gone it's all calm sail on sail on the sea can you count the stars up in heaven can you count the stars and make them all your own can you stars yeah yeah