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Something Happens
Created in Cakewalk by Bandlab Toontrack EZ Drummer & EZ Keys, Trilian Bass Module, Session Strings Pro 2, Garritan Jazz & Big Band ver 3, MIDI Dizi Flute by Chinese Winds, Arturia DX7V. Chapman Stick in solo provided by Trilian Bass Module
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #98
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #35
John Bowen
May 12, 2020
MP3 11.8 MB
320 kbps bitrate
WAV 52.1 MB
5:10 minutes
Story behind the song
Dedicated to all the beauty that's still left in the world, especially my lady, Kay. Inspired by Jessie Colin Young
Gaze up at the moon tonight Reflection in her eyes so bright Something happens Sunlight through the days so long Inspiring a different song Something really shows No matter if it's day or night Her warmth's so right Fresher than the ocean's breeze delight Can you hear the sweetest song playing in the air so loud and strong? Something happens Thinking back on younger days when the fragrant scent of peace decayed It's so much better now No matter if it's new or old It's always gold In the bright sunshine her love never grows cold And if you need a rest she'll give you her very best A love that is more than a dream come true You may not know it's all in her good time But you'll see a difference in the way you have changed Celebrating all the while the pleasantries of love just make you smile Something happens Always there will be a sound as the melodies of love abound Always in your heart No matter if it's left or right, the sun shines bright to illuminate a most amazing sight No matter if it's black or white It's such a pretty sight To celebrate the gift of love tonight c 2020 John Bowen Music