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Path of Thorns
Alternative - Dance-Punk
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Words: James Higgins/Music: DaLer
The Longhair Tigers
May 05, 2020
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Path of thorns When it's written so clearly like this it's hard not to be completely overwhelmed by the truth of the falseness and the way of the mislead to lead us in such an truthfully misleading and manipulating path of thorns so I think that our new friend EASE and I are connecting on a plane of absurdity that up until this morning was only a vague memory of what happens in the future of my past. On the path of thorns in such that you have described to us so inarguably that I am ready to concede that perhaps my efforts have been misguided and perhaps your efforts are lacking substance That factual evidence are clearly the truth and light in my cold and unfulfilled existence... who do I make the check out to? Path of thorns