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Caught On A Wet Day
song uploade for April 20 comp at musesmuse
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #8
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #5
Steve Ison
Steve Ison
April 20, 2020
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Sleepy Jane your heads embalmed & clouds deny the view This is no place to see your life or time to start anew So afraid to meet the glass -to feel inside & breathe There's a weight you can't get passed,a night that you believe.. All you ever wanted - was somebody who believed in you All you ever wanted -was a to see the sky turn blue All you ever wanted - was a lover deep and wild who'd say "i do" Far away from the blue horizon Can't keep your mind from the tumbling rain & the storm The Galway child is dead and gone Through the eyes on so many faces Tho most are strangers they live in the same part of town but can't relate to each others song Hypnotised by another morning where time is crawling through policemen and preachers inside In all those trials you're going down You try and hide in that summer feeling 'cos there's no fear in the trees & the sun & the sky It's only war when you're outside Can't get away Can't get a plane to the shore Can't get away can't get the plane you live for Just scream "I'm fallling" & scream "i'm falling " Do you love tears from the past ? Do you love life in the old grey ? Do you love snails in the grass ? Ohh caught on a wet day... Do you love beers on the ground ? Do you love the empties from summer ? Do you love names never found ? Ohh caught on a wet day...