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HipHop - Nerdcore
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Layne Boman
Ratchet Radio Productions
April 13, 2020
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3:40 minutes
-INTRO- 151 (x4) -VERSE 1- How many in my pokedex? 151 oh ya whats next? Squirtle got the tooly Shootin out water like pooley cant surf bett hold ya breath Ash ketchup aint got balls like these My master balls catch ladies with ease They come with the tackle attack to my back I counter all that and attack right back 151 pokemon is all i know bro I got so many shinies im pullin' girls yo They wanna hook up our link cables and trade games She's the type that dont let them lames link her slot mane Pikachus ina coma He was too disorientied from the pokeball bra Muk attacks with acid, ash's back goes flacid It turns pikachu to plastic, holy man its tradject It did double damage, how could ash manage? There goes pikachus health going down low 3 2 1 0 pikas going down yo -HOOK- 151 (x2) 151 pokemon is all i know mon' 151 (x2) 151 pokemon all i know mon' -VERSE 2- Whats with all these new pokemon? I hope nintendo alright whats going on? Too many friggen names; i cant keep up 151 in my game is all i need brah Fire red; leaf green ; emerald They know im mean So many slots up in my pokebox yup Too many emptey i need some more yup I walked in the grass and what did i see? I bunch of pokemon running so free got out a pokeball but i got none left I went way too far in my last step I stepped on a twig and made them flee Curse this friggen game! I wanna play RUBY Yeah cause 151 is all i know, maybe even pokemon from sapphire tho Oh my goodness is that your girl? Not no more when i show her my world Soo many legendaries in my game! I got a moltres who does spit flame! I came to the end of the game with a level 1 I will leave at the end of the game with all 151