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A more easy pop rock song
Pop - Pop Rock
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Andy Kockelkoren
Andy Kockelkoren
April 07, 2020
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3:25 minutes
Story behind the song
A song that started after an episode, where people were very sweet to me and my love, but acted weird behind our back. When that came out, painful things happend
So you feel uncomfortable Dont dare to speak Dont dare to ask So you feel uncomfortable Try to hide and mask So you feel uncomfortable How about us How about us So you feel uncomfortable Are we so dangerous? You dont know what its like to be us Thats okay. Live your life as it was Desire a certain kind of peace Quiet. At ease Your act for feeling uncomfortable made us shut out We dont fit in Do you now feel comfortable And what was our sin And who the fuck do you think that you are Normal? Not strange? Common? Not weird? And who the fuck do you think that we are To be feared? We dont know what its like to be you But we may have more in common with you Desire also a certain peace Quiet. At ease