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Covid 19 Operation (Original)
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Composer: Roy Holmberg. Produced by Old Dawgs-New Tricks. Recorded at the Dawghouse.
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Peak in subgenre #1
Roy Holmberg
March 28, 2020
MP3 6.5 MB, 128 kbps, 7:07
Story behind the song
Song from the current headlines
COVID-19 OPERATION Roy Holmberg I heard some coughing on the plane. I must admit, this stuffs insane. Its coming down, just like acid rain, Like creatures crawling from the drain. Sanitizer. Bottled water. Gather up some leaves, theres no toilet paper. Hoarders buying like crazy, taking yours and mine. Everythings cancelled, trying to flatten the line. Chorus: Covid-19 operation. Reduce the human population. Needs of the many outweigh the need of the few. This time the few just might be you. ---------- Nobody shaking hands. Nobody kissing lips. Watch out! I might infect you with my finger tips. Dont touch the railing. Dont touch the spoon. What if theres a total eclipse at noon? The hazmat goons deployed today. Cough in public, well theyll take you away. Tomorrows orders; shoot to kill. Keep the healthy and slaughter the ill. Chorus: Instrumental to verse and to chorus. Real life sci-fi, dead man walkin. Dont even look, and dont do no talkin. Burn the infected. Burn em at the steak. Churches closed. Pray alone the lord to take. Final step, his judgement call. Dont forget about the rise and fall. Its all in place. The writings on the wall. Declare, declare marshall law. Chorus: Gotta run. Got to be free. Gotta run. Stay outta quarantine. Gotta run. Got to stay free. Gotta stay out of that dreaded quarantine. Chorus:
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