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Christian and LGBT+ going hand in hand, can that be? Yes, I think so and this is about why I think so
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Andy Kockelkoren
Andy Kockelkoren
March 28, 2020
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Love is a mistery, big surprice Can take some time to realise what is happening, what is wise The logic, soul of nature And God Decided to create you in a way that is no common fate Try to run, try to play being straight Deny the soul of nature Love is the fulfilling of the prophets and the laws That is why Jesus came. The first cause But you keep damning God for the way He let you be Fight His Will. Fight His Love, your born identity Chorus A Honor God with making all the best from whats inside Realize its not a shame. Discover whats our pride Chorus B Lets honor His CreationIts a bless the way we are Lets honor His CreationLets light that fire like a star Lets honor His CreationHow did it come so far that you curse how youre born, how you are you are?.. You thought your world had a perfect form Right and wrong, good and bad, an easy norm Now face reality, a violent storm A gift, surprise of nature But you decided to create a view of God in a bitter state A god of war and death to make us afraid Deny His Soul, His Nature Your justice of Leviticus, dont you lay it upon us Read it smart, read it bright in the spirit, light of Jesus His Gospels do not speak about lesbians, bis or gays but of love and taking care in all the possible ways Chorus AB Leads Chorus B