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Do What We Came to Do
A small ditty in the novel Cobalt - The Blue Door. Jester the Myna is often triggered by a short phrase that sets him off singing. This is one of those songs.
Acoustic - Folk
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Christopher M Solaas
March 22, 2020
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Story behind the song
This song was written for the novel Cobalt - The Blue Door. No spoilers, so I won't say where in the novel it appears, but let's just say that Jester the Myna bird is one half of a court jester/entertainment duo, and this song is a back-and forth intro done by him and Ranger Rexx, his owner, who is an entertainer, but obviously also a King's Ranger.
Lets do what we came to do, Sing a dumb song for you, Entertain everyone Until we see the sun! Juggle the night away, Put on a tragic play, Its what we do best, So lets do what we came to do! Well sing for our daily bread, After were all well-fed Well make you call for more We live for the word, encore! We never fail to please Force you to laugh and wheeze Until youre on your knees, Lets do what we came to do!