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Comfort Us O Lord
Based on Budy Sutton's poem "Comfort Us O Lord"
Country - Christian Country
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Buddy Sutton/Dan Simmons
2020 Buddy Sutton/Daniel Simmons
March 21, 2020
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Story behind the song
As we all face the Corona Virus challenge this thought should be in our hearts and minds
When our hearts are troubled Our souls are downcast When the flesh has grown weary And its hard to hold fast When we cant find peace And we cant find rest And we stumble and fall When were put to the test Comfort us Lord With grace from above Cast out our fears With your healing love Let freedom ring With truth from your Word Hold us in Your arms And comfort us O Lord When the pain is unceasing Our bodys grown weak Our minds in confusion And the future looks bleak When we cant make plans Were just trying to cope Lord we lift up our hands Hoping on hope Chorus You are the rock We lean upon You are our strength When all hope seems gone You are the light That shows us the way You are the one O Lord With the last word to say Chorus