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Time Goes By (2020)
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Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #43
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
Antti Luode
Creative Commons 3.0 BY
March 20, 2020
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320 kbps bitrate
3:29 minutes
Time Goes By My spirit its restless tonight my sole, company is a fly Time goes by and everything must change yeah time goes by and nothing stays the same but misery it buzzes around like a fly you can hit it but you can not kill it so i am gonna feed it make it a friend why not? i need friends anyway you know how it goes.. time goes by you can count on pain life is beautiful it drives you insane you fall down on your knees but you must get up again and again time goes by (repeat) my God i am just a fly buzzing around until i die you can count on pain life is beautiful it drives you insane and time goes by but misery it never dies you can have a good moment yea you can have a good year but read the bible see it printed in bold nothing will escape but the precious precious soul here comes another crushing blow can you take it or will you fold time goes by here comes tornado a hurricane a train? can you stand it when you are set ablaze? see the time see the time it goes by it goes by --