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A Burning Sun
Single - $0.75
Rock - Rock General
Previous peak charts position #21
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
Lyrics by DJ Lekich; Music by Christian Devienne
Christian Devienne / DJ Lekich 2020
March 10, 2020
MP3 3.9 MB
174 kbps bitrate
3:08 minutes
Devil shadow on the ground: Used to be I used to own this town, broke every heart that love would dare my way. Cruised through endless lovers arms with a wild smile and cool, cool charm They knew it but they loved me all the same. Then she walked in with those supple hips, fire blue eyes and red hot lips Lord, that woman scorched my very tongue. She lit me up like rocket fuel, then left me here a melted fool, boiled down to the nothing and no one . . . In a burning sun. Its funny how the things you do, in the end, they fall back on you I see it now, but still it dont seem fair. I tried to put things back the way they were, find a cooler place from a still hot her, but next to her no other love compares. So I drown all sense of what it means in tequila shots and Jimmy Beam anything to keep me feeling numb. In the midst of all this misery, Im not the man I used to be, stuck here growing old and dying young . . . in a burning sun. (Cool, boy . . . get a grip, walk it back . . . get over this; cool, boy . . . make it right, grab some shade . . . get her gone tonight.) But it dont matter how hard I try, I cant get that girl out of my mind. Devil woman, tell me what youve done! Ive lost the power to erase the memory of her temptress face a vision in my head I cant outrun . . . its a burning sun. Yeah, shes a burning sun.