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Lately 2014 Ukulele Remake - 2020 Remix
A remake of my 2006 song Lately which originally appeared on my Debut Album "Nomany" in 2007
Pop - Pop Rock
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Warren Jenks
2006 Warren Jenks. All Rights Reserved
February 19, 2020
MP3 3.8 MB
192 kbps bitrate
2:44 minutes
Story behind the song
Recorded after I got my first Ukulele in 2014 and was looking to learn some of my old songs on it, so that I could play them live on the uke! The original I never liked the vocal, although the song means a lot to me personally, so it was nice to see how well it suited the uke and with my extra confidence in my vocal in the eight years between the versions, meant i was a very happy bunny with the finished version. It features on an EP that I put out in 2020 on all the streaming sites of similar "Take 2's" of early originals. https://open.spotify.com/album/744sfIuepo51UyY3EwYpWz?si=bl3q9McURoezJeTd__Wuiw