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THIS IS MY WAY TO WORSHIP TO PRAY AND TO PRAISE.... THis song has guitar keys vocals and a heap of harmonys and DRRRRRRRUMMMM KEYS I manipulated my own drums....I didn't do too bad.
Alternative - Emo
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February 05, 2020
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6:32 minutes
Story behind the song
THis song is about wanting to find my ONE on this earth.....but I want him to love me but love the LORD more... this is for anyone who seeks a Christian relationship for longterm.
OH TO BE NEAR YOU Lyrics by Katherine Scorzo LORD to be near you she touched your robe and her heart got healed LORD to be near you what must I do to find that nearness can you feel how i feel I have put you above in truest love I hold you dearest what must I do to find that nearness I have a statue of you on my chest of drawers I see it and I look toward wondering if I will pass the test fulfill your quest and find the heavenly door to more you just say I am the way and the truth and light and you tell me to be still and know that you are GOD you are the mighty Lord you gave me the gift of truth and beauty in my art in my heart what can I bestow upon you but all my heartfelt love Im just a little songbirdy who feels forgiven but not worthy Dear GOD can you hear me what must i do to find that nearness ever close and find the one who loves me but loves you most YOU ARE LORD SO MIGHTY what do i have to do to be near you she touched your robe and her heart was healed YOu are the grace that falls upon the shoulders of the earth ever since your birth you are the word made flesh you are Christ Jesus... LORD TO BE NEAR YOU...WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO FIND THAT NEARNESS EVER CLOSE AND FIND THE ONE WHO LOVES ME BUT LOVES YOU MOST. All Rights Reserved Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
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