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The Democratic Party 2020
A song parody of the Rick Nelson hit from the 1970's.
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Rick Nelson
January 31, 2020
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Story behind the song
The Democratic Party establishment better learn that progressivism is the future of both of the party AND the country.
The Democratic Party Is at the point of no return Can't figure out if it's Progressive or liberal They never felt the Bern We went to the convention And out popped Hillary They never gave a true progressive A chance; Bernie was pilloried And it's not alright You learned centrism well If you can't become a true progressive You should be ashamed of yourself Obama and the Clinton's Never could get it right Healthcare for all, DOMA, RFRA Glass-Steagal, they just Gave up the fight. Dada, da da da ( da da da d-a-a-a) Da da da da [Guitar Break] If you're in the Democratic Party I wish you a lotta luck 'Cause if Wall Street and banksters Are all they need well We are truly fucked But it's not alright Ya learned where you could dwell If you must stay in the middle well You're delusional But it's alright now I learned my lesson well If you can't become a true progressive Then you ought to kill yourself [Guitar outro]