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Another Trick
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Michael Olson
Bryan Michael Olson
January 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
Another Trick is all about staying in a bad relationship because you don't wanna be alone. But what if she really is the one, I gotta stay with her then, for sure.
Hook V1 Woke Up this This Morning And It Clicked First, She was Slick Then it was a Trick This cant be Whats Good for Me No longer Do I Feel Free Like when, She Is Laying Right There Like Shes Not Even Here Ive Played these games Before There just Becomes No Hope Nope! Its the way It Goes But I thought He Gave Her to Me Perfect in every Way And on that Day Just Another Trick From a Flick! But how could I Not See? When the Tears Where from Me Now, Why did I choose to Cry From A Lie? I could have Died! But this could happen to Anyone This time I was Done! How long will it Take to Say? Will I Give Her Another Play? Okay! Maybe One More Day!!! (One More Day) Repeat/fade Hook V2 This way she can pull me deeper When it was supposed to be a sleeper Not a keeper But why not, Im a nice guy Its the way Im made me to be Sometimes I just dont See When Loneliness gets the Best of Me Other times I just dont Wanna Its like Candy I Just Gotta Have It! When I Get it Its not Enough?! Though its been Tough I'm Stressing But I cant figure out Why Did I even Try? When its gonna be A Goodbye How do I find the Why??? And when I gotta Let Her Go I cant let her Know It will be BAD like Before!!! My bro told Me And still couldnt See In the Fight she was Right This Wont Work And Im A Jerk! (Im A Jerk) Repeat Fade Hook V3 So, no Need to Leave Just Believe And youll see its Not Alright Its like Light And Night One hides, When its not Right I lost my Sight And it starts Again This was supposed to be My Friend Everything I do is Wrong I dont feel like I Belong Now realize this is not just a Song .Yeah!?! It happened to THIS ONE! She held me Down And I lost my Crown I felt like it was Meant to Be When love got the Best of Me I had to let her Go But Of Course! I wanted to say No! Blowing of that many Red Lights Will still cause you to Lose Sight! My Heart was Right And Needed to take Flight But why did I Stay, Letting her take Another Play And not having A Word to Say? Okay, The truth is I dont wanna be Alone When Im at Home And maybe she was the ONE! So that meant I cant let her Go Hook Bridge OH NO! What if she was The One I Gotta Go Back And forgive the Attack Its Okay! Its how We Play Some people saw it a Different Way But they werent There that Day (There that Day) Repeat Fade * Hook See the Light Turn to Night Close your eyes It will be Alright If I lose Sight Of whats Right At least I wont be Alone And she'll be at Home (Be at Home) Repeat/Fade