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Come Back
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Michael Olson
Bryan Michael Olson
January 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
Come Back daddy is what I hear from my lil girl. Here is the story of what happened... Ran Away pt. 2
Hook Verse 1 Here With Out You Its True But so far from the Truth Ya gotta See Its ME I May Be Gone For Now Little Girl, I gotcha CROWN Dont be Down Its hard for us All Ya gotta stay Strong Its why I am making this Song I Cry, When I realize Youre Gone These tears are Holding me Down I wanna Scream I KNOW ITS YOU I NEED! So, I Fight for-the Right To have you by my side The times I Cry Im Not There? Still Here? Need To Be Near Hook Verse 2 That was Then Here I AM Take my Hand We gonna Land Together Forever My Daughter & I With Out A MOMMY By our Side Well, Things just happen as they are STILL TOO FAR??? Why Daddy Ya see, When Depression Hits It can make you Sick Your Brain Is filled with Pain Ive been there too In Fact, It was every year I was Gone I want you to Come Home And Belong Now, Lets Make that Frown Turn Upside Down Hook Verse 3 This is for You and I Trust Me Mommy isnt Gone Forever Unless its Severed Ya see, Sometimes the Pain Dont Stop On A Drop Just realize, She Loves You Too Dont Cry We may still Try Things happen different Ways Still I Ran Away Its Okay Now Lets Pray Tomorrow is a New Day Today, I have you Back Thats Fact Now, Go to sleep Sofia Daddy Loves You! Hook Bridge Its the Same Pain I was the Son Now the Im Father Mothers seen the same Am I the one to Blame For this Families PAIN? History Repeats We cant Sleep I need to Find A Way To Stop this Pain! (Repeat & Fade) * Hook Come Back DADDY! Please Mommy is in Need I think she is gonna to Bleed HOLD HER NOW You said youd never Leave Leave, Leave Leave