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Run from Home
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Michael Olson
Bryan Michael Olson
January 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
"Run from Home" is part 3 of "Ran Away." After I left my daughter behind after a bad relationship, I heard my daughter cry for me to "Come Back." So I left my home to rebuild my life in a new town, for my daughter. But still in the end I lost my lil girl, when her mother said I couldn't see my daughter unless I date the mother.
Hook V1 Its a rainin Pain in the Brain I cant see From these tears Falling from these eyes Mourning from the Lost Its the Cost Of making a new way But Damn, Something gotta take its place My daughter is in Need And as a father I Plead Oh Please! I Pray, Im following your way! If this is a must You I trust! Give me your plan So, I can still stand Life will never be the same Packing my bags Askin, Did I forget anything? Cant come back to this place Everything has changed I was so Near Now a Fear I Believe I MUST LEAVE! So, I carry on Some where New! Where too? Heres a Clue Clue Clue Nothing here for Me But my daughter Needs Me She will not be Lost No matter what the Cost She will have A Home to Come to Im Changin' this life One.Step.At.A.Time Til I Find My Lil Girl By My Side I hear in my Head What She Said, Dont Cry Daddy Youre Strong! Now Carry On Carry On, Carry on, carry on Hook V2 Now a motel room As my new home Im droppin to my Knees Oh Please, Oh PLEASE! I cant let her Go Shes gotta Know This love I must Show Dont ya see Its a One, Two, Three I Ran Away Too Come Back A Third time I Run from Home My skills are not at play Comin from the Heart Our new Start Just My Daughter & Me Now Thats My Three Not On Mommys Tree How could this be I had to Leave Or she and I could not Be Ya think its easy to walk away? Imma In EXTREME PAIN It hurts to Leave This had to Be Dont ya see Its what I Believe And all I can see Its the only way! I can play Though I never Knew Its a Real Screw In my Head But like She Said, Dont Cry Daddy Youre Strong! Now Carry On Carry On, Carry on, carry on Hook V3 I was so far away Now Im closer than Before Here our new front Door Come On In! Not you foo! My Daughter Can Come In! Shes always been the Plan My biggest Fan Why do you think I Ran Away? Meth and Sex Aint No Game They both cause Pain So, I must act like a Father N change a little Farther For my Daughter I still cant Believe Its the push that I Need Sometimes its the pain That makes wanna ya Grow Now I can Show Day after Day I Stand Strong So My Daughter Can Belong Trust me, This Aint > No Song I Cant Get Wrong I gotta snap into Place Or Face Another Loss So Lord I Plead On My Knees Be my Boss BOSS, Boss, boss * Hook Runnin from Home From my past To the new So, I Will Last Only few knew This was not my plan OH DAMN! Damn!, Damn!, Damn!