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Save Love
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Michael Olson
Bryan Michael Olson
January 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
I once found the One Love I have Always Wanted. The problem was I didn't know how to be the Perfect Man she needed me to be. And only after 2 months I lost her. It became so hard to live without the one girl I knew was the one for me. I tried other relationships, but no one could fill that spot in my life. It took 2 years for me to finish Save Love because it hurt so bad to even think about her. Every time I tried to talk to her, she would never answer. Then one day she let me back in her life and finally responded to my messages. Only friends for now, but that is all I ever wanted. This song is Dedicated to Lexi Dingmann!
Hook... Verse 1 Losing my Words As I throw up these Hands Slippin away through my Fans And all I can say is I still feel every moment! When we were going so Strong Just hold On As Long when Im Gone Im layin it down on the Ground Let me have this Last Sound Cryin Out Loud, I still love what I found!!! You and I had what So Many Crave Still The Same As When You Came With You My heart drain the pain; Without You My heart locks its chain! Never thought I find a True Dime Tryin' to Rewind the Time, When you were MINE ?!? A Love Crying Out In So Many Prayers Then you were There, Now Unfair? Tore My Heart Apart, Left it in the Dark With the weight Carried from the DROP! So far on Top; Now Stop! Love Lost love lost Hook... Verse 2 Could never find the Same Thats why I feel So Much Pain Im Runnin' Out of These Tears My Fears Can Hear I Lost Last My Dear Drivin so FAST as I Dare to not Care Hearin our Song Seems so Wrong, With ya gone For So Long Please respond??? Find a little bit More I hear ya Knock at my Door?? Mind is playing tricks on me!!! Now I Bleed As my Love is Freed I Cant Let Ya Go Give Ya A Flow Show itwas GOLD Hold ya up High Now Fly!!! Do you cry that Im not by ya Side? Has it come Time Youll Never Look Behind? Has to be Real Deal, I know ya Still Feel Ya think this will ever Heal??? Closin my eyes, I still hear ya By My Side By My Side Hook Bridge Feelin So Alone PickUpthePhone>>> What Did I Say? A Please dont Go Away? OneMoreTime ByYaSide Now Youre in My Dreams Wakin' in Screams Cant ya see??? Im goin' Insane Ill take the Shame I know Im to Blame For Playin A Game Can you hear my Pain? Im Crying Ya Name! (Repeat/Fade) * Hook Do you cry that Im not by ya side? Has it come time youll never look behind? Has to be real deal, I know ya still feel Ya think this will ever heal Closin my eyes, I still hear ya by my side