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Too Much Daddy
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Michael Olson
Bryan Michael Olson
January 29, 2020
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Story behind the song
After my Music Career started taking off, I realized how hard it really is in the Music Industry. It became so hard for me, had to check into the hospital. Friends abandon me & Family left me. All alone, I cried out to God, "It's Too Much Daddy. But if it's your will, I shall Fulfill!"
Hook Verse 1 Damn! Brain is goin Insane Feelin too much Pain Need to Know the Plan Cause Damn, Last time I Ran This ya pulled me Back With teir Attack So I Gotta Know Where to Go Only You Know>>> Where to put these Lines In my Rhymes Bottom Line Give me a Sign This Is Right Line? Do I Gotta Realign My Time? Now A Feelin So Alone at Home Cuz Ive Grown To Know Who I let in my Door I A Gotta Know Mor' Am I Ta Play A Game, Or Go Different Way? Why do they Hate? Feelin like a Mistake As They Rate Am Im Goin Beyond? Makin a New Crime Like every Time Im Tryin to Rewind Meantime, Livin in a Paradigm Only Sometimes Sublime Where are you Now? My knees are A Hittin da Ground Tears are Makin No Sound Only You Know I Will But Still Its Too Much Daddy (Repeat/Fade) Numb Hook Verse 2 Family taken their life Shaken me Now Oh Please! Take this cup of Sufferin Before I Bleed on my Knees Lord I Plead, NOT ME! I cant handle this Shhh Must It Be? Are ya sure ya got the right Man On the Stand Gonna Testify these Lies Writin' these Rhymes In my Lines Now I Recognize Pain is for A Gain Still A Screamin Ya Name I Dont Care About Fame Its the things I Cannot See What I Really Need to Believe! Pain was Never the Plan Gotta help me Stand Cuz I really need to Land Da ya have Another Plan? Cuz I Still Wanna Kill Dis Pain Caused In My Brain Just another Suicide Wantin ta Die or Hide One or the Other! But Every Time I Cant Find Time Now, Its beyond my Reach to Teach Without ya by my side Sorry about my Tone I just cant take this No Mor Not Alone (Repeat/Fade) Numb Hook * Hook Its Too Much Daddy Too Much Daddy Droppin' to My Knees Oh Please, Take this Cup of $uffering from Me I Promise I Wont Run Until Its Done Cuz if its Your Will I Shall Fulfil Fill (Repeat/Fade)