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FEAR NOT SWEET LITTLE BIRD with my guitar and keys
I often personify with birds ...even thinking I have some connection...thinking Jesus sweetly thinks of me as His little bird.....
Alternative - Emo
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Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
All RIghts Reserved
January 24, 2020
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Story behind the song
My relating with Jesus. Feeling quite humbled by him now.
FEAR NOT SWEET LITTLE BIRD LYRICS BY KATHERINE SCORZO AKA FAUNASERENE He says with a WORD and an IAM Fear not my little bird I understand and that WORD flew into my hands the pages unfurled they flew into my hands THE KINGDOM of GODs word He said I am the truth you cant dispute and the pages swirled in my mind I was a songbird lost now I can find the peace He said you are a songbird inside my underboughs of my TREES OF TRUTH I sit and watch WITH WONDER OF THE WONDER ABOUT YOU I KNOWYOU CAME TO SET ME FREE WITH YOUR MIND BLOWING KISS IN THE SKY JESUS you came to save us FROM THE DARK IMPEDENCES of being in this world in this world Be aware theres a lamp inside of light within and so ignite the Spark of Truth you cannot dispute Be aware of the lamp of light and so ignite the spark of truth you cant dispute you cannot dispute you cant dispute GODS TRUTH. All Rights Reserved Katherine Scorzo aka Faunaserene
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