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MarttyKay-Its Alright. Prod. by Mobidykes freestyl
this song is a freestyle track,recorded in view of those who looked down on personality and broke a heart.
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its alright
kingsley Chintua Anwuacha
January 08, 2020
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3:43 minutes
Story behind the song
Briefly, i would never let go of the fact that i once had a best friend who fucked my girl. and about tons of friends who i taught had my back, who only ended being a bunch of depressed feeling.
Yes ahii crazy When am hittin that,in dat molphor, I be like oh yeah! Ah! Shawty said wii crazy, Am loving all the sides am feeling maybe, (yeah yeah) Shawty said its Ok, shawty said its Ok. (ok!, Ok yeah) I spit my mind and living, trying to hit the other side, the other side, it maybe true or false Or maybe we just try to, or maybe am trying to leave it cos I know we dealing, breaking all the other pages, flipping maybe reading. Ah be like, niggaz you know when I feel like, I see like another brother man the other side is alright (yeah yeah) GUSHY. Itz bad boy When niggaz fly boy niggaz try to come around, they try to hide oh now am staking papers, niggaz wanna hang tho, 2020 on my mind,least is Bank dough. (bank dough) They not know, another trap star, another legend, burna like a trap stoned. Now we shooting up blazing, we blazing, meditating, try to hang your pants, these niggaz waiting. ITs ALright! (yeah yeah) *2 Maybe am in love, maybe am coming first, but then.. maybe am spitting words, about this truth am writing first, about this truth am writing first. On top this verse am spitting cursing, that, am living like its daily bread, am meditating tossing, on top this chest arrest, dmade you was peace,n up! be pieces, am tearing up am taking up these lipsticks, am kissing it, dripping on that eyesmmhmm. Like we care, but the other side, these niggaz wont they couldnt even dare. And now am, Feelingz alright, this feelings alright, and then am screaming..OH! my baby girl, I know its so right, she so Fuck this shit, what he said, the niggie on the side, he said he did it on my bed, fucked all that bitch, n niggaz iz where we say ITs ALright,(its alright) ITs ALright (its alright) I know, I know , I knowThat shit iz ALright (haha) (crazy) When I step in yeah, I blow your mind, my nigga blow your mind, you blow my mind, The other side, you turned that ass, it blows my mind. It blows my mind. Turn that bullion vibe another bullet vibe. Try to bring her back, oh crazy martty kay , diluted mind. Martin luther king, was born a king, and now he made a king, and now the king, he turned a king, fuck you yeah! Am fucking kings You know that my mind, spitting, like its fire, (Its alright, its alright, its alright) Chai! I don die yeba, another side another side its alright, its alright ( I don come again, its alright) Ok! Dail my number link up, baby wont you drink up? What you trying to take ah!, wont you try to sip up ? Light a blunt and smoke up, get high and nude blown Eyes on my wrist, and niggaz watching watching we drop. (we drop) Pull up the cash, these niggaz bouncing.. Am driving when am speeding, niggaz, match it. (match it) Pull another clip ..i could reverse it (reverse it) Now am trying to hit it on the other side these niggaz trying to reverse it. Source: Songwriters: Kingsley Chintua jnr African Nigerian lyrics Written on the 4th of January, 2020, recorded track @mobidykestudios.